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Festivals and Fairs in jodhpur

Jodhpur makes sure that your appetite toward Rajasthani cultural fairs & festival gets satiate here. We at jodhpur have lot to showcase in terms of our rich festival and cultural heritage.

Categorical it has been broken in different genre like –

  • Marwar Festival
  • Jodhpur Desert Kite Festival
  • Nagaur Fair 
  • Teej - Gangaur teej
  • Sheetla Mata Mela (Fair)
  • Baba Ramdev Fair

Marwar festival -

You won’t wonder most popular festival discussed is Marwar Festival among traveler’s book or lonely planet and any other travelling program. Marwar Festival of Jodhpur originally known as the Maand Festival. September and October is the typical calendar month this festival happens and it’s celebrated for two days.

It exhibits the Royal lifestyle of Rajasthan ruler through folk music. Local rich dance and music are the obvious elements in the festival but they peek into the days of yore, of battles and of the heroes who still live on through their songs.

Jodhpur Kite Festival


It is also known as international Jodhpur kite festival of desert but this originated some year ago only. ButJodhpur Kite Festival nonetheless this is among one of the popular festivals among the international and domestic tourist. Typically
kite festival is happening 14th Jan every year on Jaipur which is also festival knows as “Makar Sankranti”. This festival runs for three days and ground where is held is known as “Polo Ground”. 


Jodhpur people enjoy every festival at its best and your will also find sometime Jodhpur airforce helicopters also showering kites from sky. Jodhpur city enjoy each and every festival on its best…visit another festival section to explore more. 



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